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History of Mr. Quick

Mr. Quick (originally officially called Mr. Quick Hamburgers) was a franchise, quick-serve, hamburger chain, that first opened in Moline, IL in 1965. Founded by Marcel A. Comte, the restaurant chain peaked in popularity in the 1960s-1970s with over 300 locations in 13 different states.

Many of the original locations were known for their signature, colorful, atomic neon atop each location or signage, and their large lettering displaying "Hamburger" as part of the sign. The chain started out with burgers at 15ยข.

It was crafted to mirror the highly successful McDonald's fundamentals of on-the-go food, but also expanded and perfected upon. This included a more expansive and unique breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, coupled with an always made fresh to order policy for its customers.

Modern Day Mr. Quick

Today, the All-New Mr. Quick Restaurants can be found in Muskegon, Michigan at 4190 Grand Haven Rd., 5501 E. Apple Ave., 650 Whitehall Rd., and an up-and-coming new location at 2071 Apple Ave. These quick-serve food locations still have what made Quick so popular spanning across the decades, but also offer an even wider scope of variety and improved upon ingredients.

At each address you will find a modernized dining room and kitchen complete with state-of-the-art digital menu boards and order entry system to streamline the ordering process.

Stop by and sample their delicious catalog of fresh, and always made-to-order great American classics that you will not find anywhere else for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Support Local Businesses

When choosing where to spend your money on a meal, consider the benefits of buying at an independent, local, family-owned restaurant, like your local Mr. Quick Restaurants.

By supporting a local business you are supporting your local economy, which equates to significantly more money remaining in your local town, versus purchasing at a nationally owned franchise food chain. The Small Business Association states that small businesses employ 77 million Americans and accounted for 65% of all new jobs over the past 17 years. According to the US Department of Labor, for every $100 you spend locally $68 will stay in your community.

Cruise Night Extravaganza
Every Tuesday at 5501 E. Apple Ave. in Muskegon, MI

Want to Make Sure You Don't Miss Cruise Night?

Set a reminder on your electronic device calendar to alert you an hour before Mr. Quick's Cruise Night begins. Cruise Night is every Tuesday from 6-9p (through October 11th, 2022) at 5501 E. Apple Ave. in Muskegon, MI.

Testimonials from Around the Web

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4190 Grand Haven Rd.
(231) 798-9687
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2071 Apple Ave.
(231) 747-8517
East Muskegon
5501 E. Apple Ave.
(231) 788-2393
650 Whitehall Rd.
(231) 744-4592