Your Next Event at Mr. Quick


Mr. Quick has always been eager to help support your event. Please submit the following information to, and the request will be forwarded to the location nearest the event. The locations General Manager will contact you. We will need you to do the following :

Submit your request 3 weeks in advance
Let us know how many people you anticipate to attend
E-mail your flyer or promotional material
Include your 501-C3 (if available)
*We are eager to support your requests however we cannot honor every request that is submitted


Need to raise money for your organization or cause? Try our Chili Dog Challenge Fundraiser!

Pick one night and anyone who arrives to take the Chili Dog Challenge (8 Dogs, 8 Minutes, $8.00) we will donate 50% of the cost. So for every one challenge taken your group will receive $4.00! Winners will also recieve the famous chili dog challenge tee and all participants will have their picture added to the wall of challengers!


Is your organization or team visiting Muskegon to compete?

Mr. Quick would like you to consider stopping at any one of our 5 locations. To speed your groups service we offer the student athlete a special meal deal. The meal includes a Double Cheeseburger, Large Fry, and Medium Pepsi for just $4 including tax. We would appreciate prior notice to your visit to make your visit quick

Hope to see lots of teams stopping by!!!!!